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We offer a variety of home plans for you to chose from. Let us help you chose the right one for you.

> 933 sq. ft.
> 1,040 sq. ft.
> 1,140 sq. ft.
> 1,263 sq. ft.
> 1, 369 sq. ft.
> 1, 456 sq. ft.
> 1, 560 sq. ft.
> 1, 800 sq. ft.
> 1, 525 sq. ft.
> 1, 820 sq. ft.
> 2, 136 sq. ft.
> 2, 260 sq. ft.
> 2, 280 sq. ft.

Our Standard price includes:

Set Up & Delivery
Your new home will be delivered to your property and set up according to Fleetwood’s specifications and county code. All parts and labor will be provided to complete the job. Homes placed on the coast or in a flood plain may require additional charges. The location of the home will be inspected prior to delivery to confirm transit routes and that the preparation of the land is complete.

Vinyl Skirting
White in color, this skirting around the bottom of the home provides ventilation and keeps animals from burrowing in the ductwork. Brick and stone skirting are also offered at additional costs.

Heating & Air Conditioning
The size of the heat pump is determined by the actual size of the home.

County Inspected Decks
All decks are a standard set of steps with rails located at each exterior door. Upgrades are available at an additional charge.


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